Before this year ends, it is never too late to make some home improvement fixes that you should have started for a comfier life. You begin by incorporating simple touches, like replacing existing lighting fixture or adding new accent furniture If you want to attempt making major changes, you can think about replacing your drafty, old windows with new windows from Collierville Glass Window and Doors. Regardless of the size of the project that you are yet to do, adhering to the tips, which we will state below, to provide your home a transformation would make your home feel like a brand new one.  

Update Paint 

For you to achieve an easy and quick way to make your home feel new again, re-painting your rooms in your house could be a great start. In 2019, the popular colors include jewel tones, like golds and greens. Muted colors are also in such as dusty blues and pinks. If you want to achieve a subtle change, consider incorporating an accent wall rather than entirely repainting.  

Add Color 

You can make old furniture to appear new again by adding accent blankets or pillows to add accentuated colors to your room. Room accents that have bright colors will create a splash in drab rooms. You can try painting bright room accents with white and black furnishings for an additional pop.  

Bring in More light 

If your rooms seem dingy and dark, you should buy new lighting fixtures to get additional light. Search for those products that have Energy Star seal to get the maximum energy efficiency. If you want to make a major change, replace your current windows with double-hung windows, which are ideal for rooms that face decks or porches.  

Upgrade your Space 

If you want to achieve a massive change to your house this year, try to replace your current windows with new bay windows from Collierville Glass Window and Doors. Bay windows can change the feel and look of your rooms, which make a unique look into your backyard or an inviting place for reading books.  

Add a Backsplash 

One of the most-used rooms in your house is your kitchen so why won’t you make it fun? Consider replacing the boring, old tile with a patterned backsplash for a newer and updated appearance. Geometric patterns are the most trendy now that adds an interesting pop to your space. 

If you feel that your home is currently stuck in a rut, try creating some changes to your rooms to make your old house appear and feel like a new one again. You can begin doing so by adding pops of patterns and colors to your current rooms or make bigger changes by replacing your current windows with bay windows from Collierville Glass Window and Doors. 

If you think that 2019 is the perfect year to replace your windows. The exterior design consultants from Collierville Glass Window and Doors are willing to assist you will all your needs when it comes to replacement windows. Schedule your live consultation now!